Juste Nouilles

Juste Nouilles

Le restaurant Juste Nouilles propose aux clients un large éventail de plats spécialisés dans les nouilles. Vous trouverez au menu des nouilles de style cantonnais, sichuan, japonais, thaïlandais et vietnamien. Des soupes de nouilles sont également au menu.
Commandez en ligne ou par téléphone et profitez de notre service de livraison. Ou si vous le souhaitez, venez chercher votre commande à Montréal 3181 rue Masson.

(514) 725-3747

3181 Rue Masson

Heures de livraison

Juste Nouilles
Juste Nouilles

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Google Reviews
Juste Nouilles
shannon wood

-Not sure if changes have been made since the old bad reviews but we just ordered delivery from here because the Skip reviews were 9.8/10. I panicked a bit when I saw these other reviews but it was all for nothing! This is some of the best basic American-Chinese food I’ve had in Montreal. We ordered the pork and shrimp fried rice, the Shanghai noodle with pork, shrimp, and chicken, and the spicy fried tofu appetizer. Not greasy at all, perfectly seasoned, but the bbq pork pieces were big and juicy, the shrimps were big and not fishy at all. Seriously, this was basic American-Chinese food at its best. Portions were huge, good value, could have easily fed 3-4 people with 55$ all in (tip and tax included). I can’t speak about some of the saucier or fried dishes (I don’t usually go for those) but my order was outstanding and will def order again.-

Juste Nouilles
Juste Nouilles
Vanessa Clarke - Lemieux

-I've only ever ordered delivery from this restaurant and I would say that 9/10 was satisfied. My food always comes fast and hot! My favorite items to order are the beef and broccoli and the Shanghai noodles. I have read multiple reviews of people complaining of certain menu items, and while I agree ive had better General Tao, they have many other specialty items on the menu that are amazing!!-

Juste Nouilles
Juste Nouilles
Antonio Mastrangelo

-I’ve been eating here for years and the food is amazing and always fresh plus they are fast! I would recommend this place to new comers anytime. Fair prices for a large portion. Thank you-

Juste Nouilles
Juste Nouilles
Méro M. B.

-everything was fresh and delicious, thankfully we ate outside cause the AC is blasting inside haha but it's all fine !-

Juste Nouilles
Juste Nouilles
Joey St-Pierre

-Honestly a great little place, good servings, lots of meats in the dishes, falls in the "Cheap Chinese Cuisine" category but in all the right places, loved it, will come back, a definite recommendation!-

Juste Nouilles